Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We spent our Fourth of July holiday in Cody this year with my parents. Part of the reason why I like to go home during the summer is that I get to go riding with my dad. This time we had to keep the ride short because I had my 10 year high school reunion to go to. We decided to ride up Elk Fork. We went on the 3rd and that place was hopping! Everyone and their dog was going for a ride up there, including us! It isn't very often that Dad and I can have a picture together when we ride, but we found a very nice lady up there willing to take one for us. It turned out very nice! Thanks, Dad, for sending me a copy! This picture is really for my brother Eric. This is how it is: Whenever Eric gets to go riding without me, he will text me the morning of the ride just to rub it in a little. Well, I am going to rub some salt in the wounds here. The horse that I am riding is the one that Eric normally rides, so HAHA! It was a really fun ride even though it was short. I think that Eric is going to have a little competition for his horse the next time that we can go together because I really enjoyed her!
This is what made the whole ride worth while. We saw a mother moose and her baby on our way back home. This little guy was having so much fun running around and playing in the grass. It was a lot of fun for us to watch him run around like crazy. I had almost as much fun watching him as I did on the whole ride. Almost!


Liz said...

I'm so glad you got a picture with your dad! Sounds like a really fun time.

Julie said...

I am so jealous. Do you know how long it has been since I have been riding with Dad? That is the one thing I miss about the summers, is the rides every Sat and the oldies station playing in the truck on the way home.