Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Lindsey's preschool hosted a bowling day at the local bowling alley for the kids and their fathers. As this was her first time, Lindsey was really excited to go. Poor Megan was very disappointed when big sister got to go and she didn't. But once Jason and Lindsey got to the bowling alley, they realized that the school wasn't going to have as great a turnout as they thought. Jason called me and said that it would be alright for me to come and bring Megan. I told Megan that she would be able to go bowling, and I have never seen her get ready to go that fast!

Lindsey was having a great time when we got there. She was jumping up and down and screaming whenever someone knocked the pins over. She might make a great cheerleader one day! To make it easier for the kids to bowl, the alley gave them some ramps to use. Those were pretty great.

The only scary thing happened to Megan. I was getting ready to bowl my frames when I heard one of the other mothers yelling to turn the conveyor belt off. You know the one that brings the ball back to the top of the lane? I looked behind me and poor little Megan had her two fingers stuck in the conveyor belt. Luckily, Jason was really close and he was able to pull the belt backwards to get her fingers out. At first we thought that she had broken her fingers, but she had only a few scraps and some slight bruising and swelling. Later that night she was coloring with that hand. We were so lucky that she didn't break them or even worse, lose them. It could have been a very bad situation and we were very lucky. Overall, the girls had a great time. Even with getting her fingers stuck, Megan wants to go bowling again. I do think she learned her lesson though!

Here is Linds showing off the ramps.
Straight down the middle.

Jason with Lindsey and Megan trying it without the ramp.
Lindsey picking out her ball.
Megan before the accident!
Lindsey and I getting ready to take our turn.
Lindsey with a few of her friends from school: Peyton, Jager, and Samuel.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Colter has been smiling since December, but I am just barely able to catch them on camera. He has the best smile! And he does it alot, which is so much fun. Every time I look at him or talk to him, he has a big smile.

Blowing bubbles with his smile.
Happy, happy boy.

More bubbles.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Laundry basket

I must have the craziest kids on the planet. Either that, or they have been cooped up too long because of this cold weather. Their new "toy" is their laundry basket. I'm not entirely sure how BOTH of them were able to fit into the basket, but they did. They were having such a good time laughing and giggling, I just had to get a few pictures. Love my silly, silly girls!

I asked Megan to give Lindsey a kiss.
"No more kisses, Sister!"