Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog came to our Story Time today to promote Wyoming PBS Kids and reading. The girls have been talking about seeing Clifford for a few days now, so they were really excited to see him. I have honestly never seen so many kids at Story Time before. Not even for Santa Claus! This was a big deal! They read a story and then the kids were able to meet Clifford and give hugs and then make a Clifford hat. Lindsey was very excited to see Clifford and kept asking when she could go sit on his lap. Megan didn't want to go meet him at first, but as we were leaving she did go give him a hug, and I was able to snap a picture. It was a fun time today! Thanks Wyoming PBS Kids and Johnson County Library!

Lindsey and Clifford.
Megan in her finished Clifford hat.
Lindsey's Clifford hat and having a snack.
Megan and Clifford.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's go fly a kite!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty breezy here, and it was the perfect time to pull out the kites that Grandpa Joe brought the girls from China. They had a blast helping Jason fly them, and they ask all the time to fly the kites. Here are a few pictures.

This is the giant squid. He is HUGE! I bet he is probably as long as Jason's truck. His tentacles kind of got tangled in this picture, but it is pretty impressive to see this kite flying.
Jason and Megan flying the giant squid.
Jason and both girls flying the squid.
Megan helping fly the kite.
Lindsey helping to fly a smaller kite.
Jason and Lindsey flying the smaller kite.

Happy birthday to Megan!

Saturday, April 10th was Megan's second birthday. It's hard to believe that my little baby is growing up. She is such a sweet, good-natured little girl. She is a very good helper, and loves to help me pick up the toys and books at night. She loves her big sister very much and wants to do everything that Lindsey does. It is so fun to hear Megan say, "Linsy, I lub you!" She must say that a dozen times a day.

To celebrate Megan's birthday, we took the girls to the new movie "How to Train Your Dragon". Two weeks later they are still talking about it, so the movie was a sucess. If you haven't seen it, it is a very cute movie and one that I think we will buy when it comes out on dvd. I was a slacker for the rest of the day and wasn't able to make Megan's birthday cake until Sunday. It turned out okay though because the girls really enjoyed celebrating two days instead of just one.

So happy birthday to my sweet little Megan! I love you so very much!

Megan opening her gifts from Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Lyle.
Figuring out the wrapping paper.
Waiting for birthday cupcakes.
Here they come!
Not yet. Don't blow the candles out yet!
Okay, now!
Got it done.
Hooray for Meggie!
Lindsey waiting her turn.
Enjoying the cupcake.
Lindsey loved hers too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Easter camping trip

We spent Easter weekend with a couple of Jason's old mission companions and their families in Island Park. We weren't exactly "roughing it" as we were able to rent a very nice cabin with cable t.v. and just about anything else we needed. It was fun getting to know everyone and letting the kids play. It snowed on us the whole weekend, so we didn't get out much except for Saturday afternoon when we took the kids to the Imax theater in West Yellowstone. All in all, a great weekend with great company!

This is the main floor of the cabin. Upstairs were two bedrooms, one bathroom and a balcony with two extra beds.
Another view of the main floor.
Front view of the cabin. See all the snow?
Lindsey painting Easter eggs.
She had a great time painting those eggs.
A few of our eggs.
Easter morning and all the loot.
Lindsey checking out her Easter basket.
Megan and her Easter basket.
Megan taking a good nap.
Lindsey and Carter playing Lincoln Logs. I am so glad that we brought those. The kids had a blast and I couldn't believe some of their creations.
Showing off their "ship".
Carter was pretty proud of this one.
Shyanne and Megan. I couldn't believe how well these two got along. One time I caught them in bed, reading, just giggling like crazy. It was so cute.
Megan and Shyanne.
The girls. Autumn Jensen, Megan, Shyanne Ricks, and Lindsey.
All the kids. Autumn, Megan, Shyann, Lindsey and Carter Ricks.
The kids again. Carter was done taking pictures.
Presten Jensen, Jason and Jason Ricks. Jason's mission companions.
Amy Jensen, Britney Ricks, and me.