Friday, December 17, 2010

Big sisters

The girls have really enjoyed having a new little brother. Lindsey loves to pick out his clothes and hold his hand while I change his diaper. She has also gotten really good at helping to burp Colter. Megan loves to bring him toys and push him in his swing. They are such good big sisters!

First Christmas

It's getting close to Colter's first Christmas! Yesterday, Santa was going to be at Story Time, so I took him and Megan. We decided to do a little photo shoot before-hand.

Almost a smile!
His jammies say "My 1st Christmas".
Our pillow Santa is bigger than he is!
Colter and Santa. If you're wondering, Megan wouldn't sit on Santa's lap this year.

A picnic and a coloring session

I really wanted to share these pictures, but had no where else to put them. On occassion, we will spread a blanket out on the floor and have a "picnic" with the girls. They think it is great fun to not eat at the table all the time. And when it is really cold outside, we can't have real picnics.

The girls showing off their picnic food. This is right before bedtime for the girls. We normally let them watch a movie in our bed before bedtime. It helps them to relax, and if they have had a busy day they will fall asleep and it saves us the fight during bedtime. This night they decided they wanted to color as well. Both girls love to color. Megan will go so far as to carry crayons and a book around all day.
Love that smile from Megan!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, so it's a little late, but they aways say better late than never! Since Colter was only a week old for Thanksgiving this year, we stayed home. We invited all of my family, and it was fun to have them come. Not everyone could make it though. My mom made the whole dinner, which was so very tastey. Mindy made all of the pies, and those were so delicious! Lindsey and Megan had a great time playing with their Uncles Eric and Alex. We hope that everyone else had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did!

Uncle Alex with baby Colter.
Megan and Lindey wrestling with Uncle Eric.

Thanksgiving dinner. From the left: Alex, my dad Lyle, Lindsey, Mindy, and Eric.
From the left: Mindy, Eric, Megan, and Alex.
Alex with the turkey leg.
My nephew, Kacey with Colter and Megan.
Kacey and Colter.


Two girls + one tent = static!

One month old

Colter is one month old today! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! I really wish that time would slow down so I can enjoy having a baby just a little bit longer. I feel like we are so busy that I can't really take the time to enjoy his baby moments. Colter is a good baby and is actually pretty mellow when his tummy is full. These pictures were taken when he was about two weeks old, but I will post some more recent pictures in the following posts.