Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lindsey Lu! She turned three years old on the 16th! I can't believe that it has been three years already. I remember waiting for her to come. Waiting and waiting and waiting. She was almost 10 days late. I had been scheduled to have an induction on the 17th, but she finally decided to come on her own a day early. I have always said that I can't force her to do anything, and that has been true from the minute she was born. She has always done things on her own time schedule. Even now, she is refusing to potty train, but I know that she will do it when she is ready. She is such a fun little girl. She is learning to play with her sister and help out when I ask her to. She loves to sing, read books, color, and play with her baby dolls. She can be such a mother to those baby dolls. Covering them up with my dish towels and using scouring pads for their pillows. I am so glad that she is a member of our little family. She is such a delight and we love her so much!

Lindsey had a great birthday. She played most of the day in the water with her cousins at Grandma JoAnn and Grandpa Joe's house. She had so much fun in the water that I couldn't get her to take her swimsuit off. That is why she is wearing a swimsuit for the pictures. I tried to change her to dry clothes, but I figured that it was her birthday and I didn't want to push the issue. She was spoiled rotten with all of her new toys, and really loved the birthday cake. I have been trying for two days to upload a video of her blowing out her birthday candles, but it isn't working. So you will just have to be satisfied with pictures!

Megan playing in the pool.
Lindsey playing on the slip-n-slide.
The birthday cake. Joe and JoAnn brought these birthday candles back from China. They are very cool and sing the happy birthday song for hours and hours. Cut the cake already!
Eating birthday cake and ice cream.
Jacob and Andrew enjoying the birthday cake.
Megan loved the cake too.
Getting ready to open presents.
Lindsey had lots of help opening her gifts.
"My Jesse doll!" She was so excited to get HER Jesse doll! Thanks Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Lyle!
All the loot!
Jason and Jonathan.


Caleb and Loleen said...

I love the birthday cake and the candle, very cute. It looks like Lindsay had a great birthday.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to our little one. It is too cute to think that Katherine has a similar swim suit to Lindesy's. Glad that you guys have had a great time on your trip.