Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Yes, my dear, sweet husband turned 32 on Monday! He said that he really didn't want anything for his birthday, but the girls and I didn't listen to him. We had a great day going to the store and picking out a present for him. We also bought some balloons and streamers to decorate the house for him. We spent the other half of the day making him a huge birthday dinner. Salmon, rice, rolls, asparagus, and cupcakes. What more could a guy ask for on his birthday? Oh that's right...a baby doll. Jason said to let Lindsey pick out anything she wanted for a present for him. As soon as she laid eyes on the baby doll, she was pretty insistent that we buy that one for Daddy. She was very determined that she was going to open that baby doll for Daddy before he even had a chance to unwrap it. She spent the whole ride home from the store using her teeth to take the top off of the box. As soon as Jason got home, she said, "Daddy, can I share your baby with you?" So much for a surprise, but I'm sure he had some idea of what she would pick out. So now it is Daddy's baby, but Lindsey gets to play with it, and sleep with it, and take it to the park, you get the idea. Well, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I sure do love you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

China dress

Grandma JoAnn and Grandpa Joe came home from China for a couple of days, and we were able to visit them while they were in Cody. They brought back the cutest little dress for Lindsey. We had so many comments about the dress at church yesterday. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


For some reason, my normally good little sleeper Lindsey has been having trouble with taking naps and going to bed. I still like to try and have her take a nap, but somedays it just doesn't work that way. The other day was one of those days where she didn't get a nap. While we were watching t.v. later that afternoon, she fell asleep on the floor. I didn't want to move her because I knew that she would wake up and not go back to sleep, so I covered her up with her blanket and she slept on the floor for a good hour and a half!

She has trouble when it comes to bed time as well. We put her to bed at a decent hour, but she just keeps getting out of bed, turning the light on, playing with her toys. You name it and she has tried it! On this particular night she decided that she didn't want to sleep in her big bed. She wanted to sleep with her toys in the closet. Jason tried to make her as comfortable as possible. She didn't stay in the closet for too long because it was too dark, so eventually she ended up back in her bed.


Lindsey is learning to be a good sharer. Some days are better than others for sharing. She is especially good when it comes to sharing food and the dogs. She likes to give the dogs popcorn, ice cubes, and cheese balls. Here she is sharing her cheese balls with Megan. I think BoBo was trying to take advantage of her giving mood as well!

The illusive tooth

Megan officially has four teeth: her two front bottom teeth, and two teeth on the top. It's weird because she has one front tooth, but not the other. She is working on getting the other front tooth right now. Oh the joys of a teething baby! Anyways, I was trying to get a good picture of her teeth, but she just wasn't cooperating! I did get some really good smiley pictures. I will keep trying and maybe one of these days I will get a good picture of those teeth. I am sure by then she will have a mouthful of teeth!

Climber girl

Lindsey has taken to climbing up on the furniture lately. It drives me crazy because the computer desk is right where she likes to climb. So not only is she climbing everywhere, she is also getting into the pens, papers, stapler, and stuff in general that I do not want her to have. She just likes to slide down the back of the couch, but I really wish that she wouldn't get into the other stuff too.

Self-Portraits by Lindsey

There is just something about the camera that Lindsey cannot resist. She loves taking pictures of herself, so I thought that I would show off a few that she has taken. I must admit that she is getting better at it. Maybe she will become a photographer like Uncle Jeff?