Tuesday, January 11, 2011


On my side of the family we had three babies born in 2010. All of them were boys. Christmas break was the first time that all three boys had been together. Julie, Mindy and I decided that it would be fun to dress our little guys up in matching outfits. I'm sure that this will be the only time that they will allow us to do that. I am also sure that they are going to be great friends and get into lots of trouble together at future gatherings.

James (born in July), Kacey (born in June), and Colter (born in November). James was a little unhappy about having his picture taken. Kacey is trying to help him out.
James is still unhappy, but now Kacey is checking out his other cousin.

This is actually the best picture of the bunch because James doesn't look like he is crying as hard, and Kacey actually has a smile for the camera. Colter is such a laid-back little kid that it is hard to get him riled up.


After our fun at Pizza on the Run, we had a huge sleep-over with the cousins. My girls have never done a sleep-over before, so they were pretty excited. Too excited to sleep. I think that my kids were causing the most problems, so none of the other kids could sleep. It took awhile before all the kids finally fell asleep, but it was a good experience for them.

Jacob in the background with Megan and Bethany.
Lindsey and Megan with Bethany. Sorry, Julie, but her expression just cracks me up!
Lindsey and Megan trying to sleep, and not being too successful.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pizza on the Run

The day after Christmas, we decided to go to Cody to see my parents. Jason was going to be out of town alot the next week, and I didn't want to be by myself. The plan was for me to stay the week with my parents while he worked. On Monday, my sister and sister-in-law and their kids came up to see us. It is almost a tradition for our family to eat at Pizza on the Run once while you are staying in Cody. So Monday was our night to eat there. We had quite the crew: 6 adults and 11 kids. The kids especially enjoy eating there for the play equipment. I think that I actually got a picture of every kid. They had a great time and were very wound up afterwards.

Wyatt, Lindsey, Megan and Jacob
Jacob and Lindsey
Amanda and James
Colter. He slept the whole time, and we were there for almost two hours!
Kacey and Grandma Sherry
Kacey. Grandpa Lyle was tossing him in the air. I'm not sure if he liked it very much.

Christmas Morning 2010

Santa was good to us this Christmas! He brought the girls a fun play tent. We decided to help Santa out and set up the tent early because he is such a busy guy. Lindsey came out while we were setting it up. She said, "DAD! What in the heck are you doing?" Next year, we wait until the kids are fully asleep!
The mess after the fun.
We were spoiled!
Lindsey in one of her new dresses.

Christmas Eve

One of our family traditions is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve. The girls had to show theirs off for me.


He's just too cute to not take pictures of! I can't believe how much Colter is changing. At our doctor's appoinment yesterday, the pediatrician asked if he was the same baby!

Lindsey has loves to hold Colter. She does such a great job that I sometimes let her hold him while I make dinner. Such a good helper!

Santa Claus

We took the kids to see Santa at the local Masonic lodge this year. All I wanted was a picture of all three of my kids with Santa, but that wasn't happening. Neither of the girls would sit on Santa's lap, so we all had to pose for a group shot. It didn't turn out too bad either.

This is actually our first family photo!

Christmas photo-shoot

We decided to have a mini photo-shoot before we went to see Santa just before Christmas. The kids weren't too happy about it, so the pictures aren't wonderful but they will do.

I couldn't get her to smile nicely.
Megan was especially grumpy. This is the face I got because I didn't want her coloring books in the pictures.

Lindsey loves her brother!
All three of my kiddos. I only got one chance at this picture, so Megan looks a little grumpy.