Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We were only gone on our trip to Salt Lake for four days. Jason mowed the lawn the morning that we left, and it was amazing to see how much our lawn and garden had grown in those four days. I don't think that Jason was planning to mow stripes into our lawn, but he ran out of gas for the mower. It is fun to see how tall it grew though.

This is our little vegatable garden. The sunflowers are almost six feet tall and the corn is growing like crazy. We have already harvested two tomatoes. I think that we plan to expand the garden next year because it turns out we CAN grow things in our soil!
Lindsey loves her sandbox! I couldn't get her to come inside the first morning that we had it.

I think that this is by far Jason's favorite project that we have done this year. He spends hours turning his compost pile. It is starting to turn and nice rich brown and look more like dirt.


Caleb and Loleen said...

your garden looks way better than mine. how fun it is to have a garden.