Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our first egg!

After months and months of anticipation, we finally have our first egg from the chickens! Jason went out to check on the chickens last night and he found the egg. Then this afternoon, we had another one! Hooray! I know it is silly, but it is so much fun having the chickens and now having them lay eggs.
Megan showing off the first egg. She was so gentle with it.
Lindsey caught Charlie to show off the chicken and the egg. (At least we think it was Charlie that laid the first egg.)

Sewing projects

My mom came for a visit for a few days this last week. While she was here, I put her to work helping me with a couple of sewing projects for the new baby. It was fun breaking out the old sewing machine and spending time with my mom. Thanks, Mom, for all your help!

Diaper stacker
Crib sheet
Receiving blanket #1
Receiving blanket #2
Receiving blanket #3
Receiving blanket #4

Chicken catcher

We have one chicken that we call Charlie that lets Lindsey catch her just about anytime she wants to. Lindsey has become quite good at catching Charlie. The other night we had some friends over for s'mores and we let the chickens out of their coop. Lindsey was able to catch Charlie and show her to our friend Gavin.

Lindsey loving on Charlie
Lindsey helping Megan to pet Charlie.
So much fun catching chickens!

So tired

Well, I'm not sure what we were doing this day, but Megan was tuckered out! All I remember is that I put a movie on for her to watch in our room and then when I went to check on her a few minutes later, she was out. She must have been really tired!

Summer camping trip

At the beginning of this month, we went camping with our good friends the Whartons. It was the first time we had been camping all summer and unfortunately, it looks like it will probably be the last time as well. This summer has just flown by and we have been so busy that camping has been put on the backburner for now. I hope that we can get out more next year. This was also Megan's first time camping ever, and she had a ball. We all had a great time, and thanks so much to the Wharton's for inviting us!

Megan enjoying a s'more by the fire.
Mckenna, Lindsey and Eli eating their s'mores.
Me enjoying Jason's bonfire.
Me, 24 weeks pregnant.
The Wharton Family.
We brought our portable dvd player to try to help the kids get to sleep that night. Yeah, it didn't work. We still had crying kids until well past 11 that night.
Eli and Mckenna enjoying to show.
Lindsey playing on the rocks by our campsite.
Eli and Lindsey
Megan having breakfast.
Luke waiting for breakfast.
Bobo. I think the boys enjoyed themselves out camping more than we did!
Eli and Mckenna loved having the dogs there.
Jason and Megan
Jason and the girls
We went fishing the next day. This is the lake that we went to.
Out fishing. We didn't have much luck.
Jason and the girls fishing and enjoying a snack.
Sandra and Mckenna
Mckenna soaking her toes.
Lindsey and Jason soaking their toes.

Megan's 1st haircut

At the end of July I decided it was time to take Megan in for her first haircut. She was constantly pushing her hair out of her eyes, so I thought it was finally time to do something about it. Jason was home that day, so I was able to take the girls in shifts and get Lindsey's hair cut as well. All three of us got our hair cut. Mine was getting really long as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some "after" pictures of Lindsey and I, but I did get one of Megan!

Megan's "before" picture.
"Before"-the back view.
The girls and I "before". I got about 8 inches taken off, so now it comes to my collarbone.
Megan's "after". She looks so cute with her new haircut! I can't believe how grown-up she looks now.
"After"-the back view.
Lindsey's "before".
"Before"-the back view. We took about two or three inches off of Lindsey's hair. It just looks more "even" now.

Day to day

Here are just a few day to day pictures that I have taken over the last month.

Since Megan has stopped taking naps during the day, she gets really tired around dinner time. This day I had given the girls some foam stickers to play with and she was just too tired to keep her eyes open.
Lindsey was having fun though.
Such a cute smile!
Enjoying a book in the doll stroller.