Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween costumes

Joe and JoAnn requested some pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes, so I thought that I would share them with everyone. Lindsey really wanted to wear the horse costume even though it is a little small for her. And of course, my sweet little Megan as a pumpkin. We are going to a Halloween party on Friday, so I will have to post some more pictures then.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Video of Meggie crawling

Well, it is official. My little baby girl is crawling. Okay, she isn't crawling on her hands and knees yet, but she is definetly making forward progress. I thought that Lindsey was an active baby until I had Megan. This kid doesn't sit still even when you are holding her. A friend from church was holding her this last week and commented on how wigglely she is. Pretty soon I am going be be chasing two little girls. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snow Day

Lindsey woke up this morning to about two inches of snow on the ground. She wanted to go outside to play in it even before having breakfast, but the mean mommy that I am, I made her wait until after breakfast and until Megan went down for a nap. Jason normally shovels the walks, but as he is out of town this morning, I decided to do it while Lindsey played (also read as: ate snow!). Here are a couple of pictures of her eating the snow. She got really cold after a while, so we had to come in, but she really didn't want to. She said to me, "Mommy, I NEVER want to go back in!" I guess she had fun!

One of my poor rose bush. It had about a dozen buds ready to bloom, but now it will never get the chance!

Friday, October 10, 2008

6 months old!

My little Megan is six months old today! Where did that time go? I feel like I just barely had her two weeks ago and now she is six months! I am continuely surprised by all the things that she is able to do. The big one is her mobility. She can roll across the floor to get to where she wants to go. She has been trying so hard the last couple of days to crawl. She has this technique where she will roll to her side and kick her legs up to inch herself forward. Today she started bringing her knees up to her chest with her little bum in the air. It won't be too much longer now! She has also starting "talking" to us. She can say da-da, na-na, and ya-ya. She will let us know when she wants something because she has a piercing shriek. Most of all, she is a happy little girl. She is always ready with a huge smile for Mommy or Daddy (actually anyone that talks to her gets a big smile), and especially one for big sister Lindsey. Megan loves her big sister and will giggle at her when she dances. Although the pictures don't show her smiling, that is all she does! I am so in love with my baby girl and I am so happy that she has joined our family!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A to Z Tag

Okay, Julie! Just for you!

A-Attached or Single: Attached
B-Best Friend: Jason
C-Cake or Pie: Pie, I love pumpkin pie this time of year!
D-Day of Choice: Monday, I guess. It is the day that I get the most done.
E-Essential Item: Couldn't live without diapers and wipes.
F-Favorite Color: Green
G-Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a mommy!
H-Hometown: Cody, WY
I-Indulgences: Anything chocolate, which I can't have.
J-January or July: July
K-kids: 2 girls
L-Life is incomplete without: My family
M-Marriage Date: July 17, 2004
N-Number of siblings: 6
O-Oranges or apples: Oranges
P- Phobias or fears: Scarring one of my girls for life because of my parenting!
Q-Quotes: This too, shall pass. Thanks, Mom!
R-Reason to smile: Lindsey's cute little laugh and singing, and Meggie's infectious smile.
S-Season: Fall. It is the perfect running weather.
T-Tag 5 friends: Tracey, Cass, Jenn, Edie, and Jody
U-Unknown fact about me: I love to watch Ulimate Fighter thanks to Jason
V-Very favorite store: Barnes & Noble and Kohl's
W-Worst Habit: Big time procrastinator.
X-X-ray or Ultra-sound: Ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food: Pizza and milkshakes.
Z-Zodiac sign: Pisces

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin patch fun

This afternoon we took the girls to the pumpkin patch in Sheridan. It was a lot of fun! They had a couple of animals for people to see. Lindsey especially liked to look at the chickens. They also had a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Lindsey was pretty excited to go on a tractor ride. She talked non-stop the whole way there. We were able to pick our own pumpkins, which Lindsey loved as well. She picked the perfect one for her. She could actually carry it around, and wouldn't let go of it once she had it in her hands. We had a great time, and I think that it is going to become a Goodrich family tradition for Halloween!

A rarity in running

This morning Jason volunteered to watch the girls while I went for a run. As I was getting ready, Lindsey asked if she could go too. I can't deny that child anything, so of course I took her with me. It isn't often that I can take just the single stroller anymore, so I felt like I was flying through my four mile run. I also took the dogs. They actually get to come every time, and it is probably a good thing. When they see me put my hat on, they know that they are going somewhere. Luke has this high pitched, excited yip that he does. When they see the leashes, they run around the house like crazy and get so wound up it is hard to control them. Jason helped get Lindsey into the stroller. He wrapped her up nice and tight and took a couple of pictures.