Monday, January 26, 2009

"Good" Helpers

I had some pretty "good" helpers today. I needed to vacuum the house, and Lindsey was being good by watching her movie. I put Megan down in Lindsey's room to play with the toys. I thought that she would stay put for the 15 minutes it takes to vacuum the house. Not so. When I was done, I couldn't find her! She was being so quiet. Guess where I found her? In my closet. She had completely emptied two drawers of my clothes.

Not just once.

Not even twice.

Yes, that's right. Three times she "helped" me by emptying a drawer!

My other "good" little helper today was Lindsey. I set her up at the table to color with crayons and a coloring book while I tried to rock Megan to sleep. The next thing I hear out of her mouth was, "Mommy, my mouth is dirty." I didn't really know what she meant when she said this because I couldn't see her at the time. I told her we would clean it up in a second. When I went to take care of Lindsey, this is the sight that greeted me:

She had eaten not just the brown crayon, but the yellow one as well.

It sure has been a busy day!

Candy Girl

Megan loves food. Any food. Just ask her. She will try anything! Last night she even tried some guacamole thanks to her daddy. She is so funny when she eats food because she takes a huge bite and before she even has the food in her mouth she is making yum-yum sounds. It is too cute! Anyways, about a week ago I bought some Red Vines. She took one look at me eating one and pulled it right out of my hand! She loved it! With Lindsey I was so paranoid about her having sugar and salt too early, but I am so much more relaxed with Megan. Meg also loves ice cream. I gave her a little bit one time and she cried when I had to put it away. I hope she doesn't have too big of a sweet tooth or too many cavities when she grows up!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bath time!

Megan loves bath time! When she hears the bath water running, she goes crawling into the bathroom squealing and laughing. It is so cute to hear her. She can't wait to get into the water and splash with Lindsey. She will pull herself up to the tub and stomp her feet impatiently waiting for me to put her in the water. I have perfected the art of bathing two kids at one time, so the girls both get a bath at the same time.

A little late...

So I am finally getting around to posting our Christmas pictures! I know it is a little late, but I wanted to share anyway. We had a pretty great Christmas. The girls were totally spoiled by both grandparents. Clothes, books, movies, toys. There wasn't much that they didn't get! Jason's favorite gift this year was a Camel-bak for hiking this summer. He also got a much needed pair of shoes. I was spoiled with new running clothes. I needed some nice warm clothes for running in the colder weather, and they are awesome! We hope that everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!

I decided to buy the girls matching Christmas dresses. What is the fun of having little girls if you can't dress them up every once in a while? Don't they look super cute!

Megan was having a rough morning. She smacked her head on the tile in the bathroom and had been crying. Hence the red eyes and the pacifier.

Lindsey showing off her pretty dress for the camera!

Our Christmas Eve dinner. Lindsey wanted to wear her jam-jams from Gramma JoAnn and Grampa Joe. I think she wore them the whole day!

Opening presents on Christmas Day. Lindsey had so much fun tearing the paper off. She got everything she wanted though: candy and clothes and presents!
Megan looking a little grumpy. Check out that bruise on her forehead from earlier in the week.
Megan had the most fun eating the small bits of wrapping paper. I had to pick them up before she could get to them and choke on them!
Having fun with their new toys.
Lindsey showing off her new hat. I think she looks so glamourous!