Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little late...

So I am finally getting around to posting our Christmas pictures! I know it is a little late, but I wanted to share anyway. We had a pretty great Christmas. The girls were totally spoiled by both grandparents. Clothes, books, movies, toys. There wasn't much that they didn't get! Jason's favorite gift this year was a Camel-bak for hiking this summer. He also got a much needed pair of shoes. I was spoiled with new running clothes. I needed some nice warm clothes for running in the colder weather, and they are awesome! We hope that everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!

I decided to buy the girls matching Christmas dresses. What is the fun of having little girls if you can't dress them up every once in a while? Don't they look super cute!

Megan was having a rough morning. She smacked her head on the tile in the bathroom and had been crying. Hence the red eyes and the pacifier.

Lindsey showing off her pretty dress for the camera!

Our Christmas Eve dinner. Lindsey wanted to wear her jam-jams from Gramma JoAnn and Grampa Joe. I think she wore them the whole day!

Opening presents on Christmas Day. Lindsey had so much fun tearing the paper off. She got everything she wanted though: candy and clothes and presents!
Megan looking a little grumpy. Check out that bruise on her forehead from earlier in the week.
Megan had the most fun eating the small bits of wrapping paper. I had to pick them up before she could get to them and choke on them!
Having fun with their new toys.
Lindsey showing off her new hat. I think she looks so glamourous!


Liz said...

Wow...those are REALLY adorable dresses! I wouldn't know what it's like to dress up little girls. I do try to send pink clothes to my nieces every now and then!!
I use a camel-bak when we go hiking in the mountains down here after a group. I really like how it keeps my water cold the whole 8 hours. Mine also has pockets so I can carry extra handcuffs and electrolyte (spelling?) drinks. He'll love it for camping, hunting, and hiking!
Glad you had such a great Christmas and it was fun to see all the pics!!!

Liz said...

What I meant was chasing a group of illegal aliens in the mountains. Sorry my references to my job are so vague, but we really have a language all of our own!!!