Monday, January 26, 2009

Candy Girl

Megan loves food. Any food. Just ask her. She will try anything! Last night she even tried some guacamole thanks to her daddy. She is so funny when she eats food because she takes a huge bite and before she even has the food in her mouth she is making yum-yum sounds. It is too cute! Anyways, about a week ago I bought some Red Vines. She took one look at me eating one and pulled it right out of my hand! She loved it! With Lindsey I was so paranoid about her having sugar and salt too early, but I am so much more relaxed with Megan. Meg also loves ice cream. I gave her a little bit one time and she cried when I had to put it away. I hope she doesn't have too big of a sweet tooth or too many cavities when she grows up!