Monday, January 26, 2009

"Good" Helpers

I had some pretty "good" helpers today. I needed to vacuum the house, and Lindsey was being good by watching her movie. I put Megan down in Lindsey's room to play with the toys. I thought that she would stay put for the 15 minutes it takes to vacuum the house. Not so. When I was done, I couldn't find her! She was being so quiet. Guess where I found her? In my closet. She had completely emptied two drawers of my clothes.

Not just once.

Not even twice.

Yes, that's right. Three times she "helped" me by emptying a drawer!

My other "good" little helper today was Lindsey. I set her up at the table to color with crayons and a coloring book while I tried to rock Megan to sleep. The next thing I hear out of her mouth was, "Mommy, my mouth is dirty." I didn't really know what she meant when she said this because I couldn't see her at the time. I told her we would clean it up in a second. When I went to take care of Lindsey, this is the sight that greeted me:

She had eaten not just the brown crayon, but the yellow one as well.

It sure has been a busy day!


Julie said...

It takes a lot to clean the house with kids, doesn't it? See my post about Jacob and the laundry--it never gets any easier, just bigger messes because they are trying to "help". Just remember though, that eventually their help will become more productive....and this too shall pass.

Hifam said...

I've missed reading your blog! I thought I had it set up on google reader, but just realized I hadn't heard anything from your blog for months. It was so fun reading all your past posts and seeing your super cute girls. You've got some great pictures! I'm so glad you have pictures of the messes. My kids think it's funny to look back at pictures of their messes.

I'm going to get you on my google reader so I don't miss anymore!

Take care,

Liz said...

Sometimes I feel like it's an uphill battle trying to keep a clean house with two kids under 3 years old. I'm half tempted to force my husband to hire a cleaning person!! I think it would be money well spent!

By the way...Chase loves to lick markers! What crazy kids we have!!!

Sharron said...

Those are sure cute helpers you have, can you send them my way. Love you
Aunt Sharron