Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Easter camping trip

We spent Easter weekend with a couple of Jason's old mission companions and their families in Island Park. We weren't exactly "roughing it" as we were able to rent a very nice cabin with cable t.v. and just about anything else we needed. It was fun getting to know everyone and letting the kids play. It snowed on us the whole weekend, so we didn't get out much except for Saturday afternoon when we took the kids to the Imax theater in West Yellowstone. All in all, a great weekend with great company!

This is the main floor of the cabin. Upstairs were two bedrooms, one bathroom and a balcony with two extra beds.
Another view of the main floor.
Front view of the cabin. See all the snow?
Lindsey painting Easter eggs.
She had a great time painting those eggs.
A few of our eggs.
Easter morning and all the loot.
Lindsey checking out her Easter basket.
Megan and her Easter basket.
Megan taking a good nap.
Lindsey and Carter playing Lincoln Logs. I am so glad that we brought those. The kids had a blast and I couldn't believe some of their creations.
Showing off their "ship".
Carter was pretty proud of this one.
Shyanne and Megan. I couldn't believe how well these two got along. One time I caught them in bed, reading, just giggling like crazy. It was so cute.
Megan and Shyanne.
The girls. Autumn Jensen, Megan, Shyanne Ricks, and Lindsey.
All the kids. Autumn, Megan, Shyann, Lindsey and Carter Ricks.
The kids again. Carter was done taking pictures.
Presten Jensen, Jason and Jason Ricks. Jason's mission companions.
Amy Jensen, Britney Ricks, and me.


Sandra Wharton said...

What a fun Easter you guys had! Your kids look like they had a great time painting eggs and playing with friends.