Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog came to our Story Time today to promote Wyoming PBS Kids and reading. The girls have been talking about seeing Clifford for a few days now, so they were really excited to see him. I have honestly never seen so many kids at Story Time before. Not even for Santa Claus! This was a big deal! They read a story and then the kids were able to meet Clifford and give hugs and then make a Clifford hat. Lindsey was very excited to see Clifford and kept asking when she could go sit on his lap. Megan didn't want to go meet him at first, but as we were leaving she did go give him a hug, and I was able to snap a picture. It was a fun time today! Thanks Wyoming PBS Kids and Johnson County Library!

Lindsey and Clifford.
Megan in her finished Clifford hat.
Lindsey's Clifford hat and having a snack.
Megan and Clifford.


Julie said...

I am jealous, Clifford never came to our library this year. The kids were so looking forward to it and the day that we had heard that he was coming we were there and he wasn't. Cute pictures and hats.