Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Our last port stop was Puerto Vallarta. As we were getting back onto the cruise ship in Mazatlan, we talked to some people that had been on the cruise before. They said that the best thing to do in Puerto Vallarta was to go to the Krystal Hotel and lay on the beach. We thought that sounded really nice. Unfortunately, that day was very overcast and rainy, but not cold. We still went to the Krystal Hotel to check it out. While we were there we decided to have a couples massage. It was amazing! I really need to get a massage more often!

The pool-side bar at the hotel.
The beach at Puerto Vallarta.
Heading home and watching the sun set.
Another beautiful sunset.


Julie said...

I am SOOO jealous. I wish that we could (or would) do something like that. It looks like fun and much better than the winter that never seems to want to end here.

Hifam said...

I love all of your pictures. Thanks for posting them. It makes me want to go on a cruise too!


Liz said...

Oh, that looks like a blast! A lot of my co-workers from around here vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

Jeff's been trying to get me to go on a cruise, but I'm not so sure. I think I've seen Titanic and Posiden Adventure waaaay to many times!

I'm glad you had so much fun and thanks for sharing the great pictures!

Sandra Wharton said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. What a nice little break from the cold.