Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

As many of you know, Jason and I had the opportunity to go on a cruise to Mexico. We went with Jason's parents and his brother, Jacob. It was a lot of fun, and something that I would want to do again. So here are a few of our vacation pictures.

This is the sunset our first night on the boat.
Jason and I, our first night.
Almost to Cabo. Can't wait to get off the boat.
I think these are dolphins. I can't really be sure because we were up on the 12th deck. They were jumping out of the water, and it was really fun to see them.
Our cruise ship, The Mariner of the Seas.
Pelicans. The locals called them Mexican chickens.
In Cabo, Jason and I rented kayaks and snorkeling gear with Jacob and Edie. This is the beach that we went to to snorkel. My first attempt at snorkeling was awesome! I loved it and hope to be able to do it again.
Cabo San Lucas
A ship that we saw that night. I loved that it was all lit up.