Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lindsey and her toys

Lindsey has been so funny with her toys lately. We had to get a couple of pictures and share with everyone.
My little Lindsey with her baby doll sitting in the window. Here she is builing walls with her blocks.
Another "tall, tall tower" she built with her blocks.
The funniest thing that she does with her babies is "putting them to sleep." She will empty my drawers of every dishcloth and use those as "blankets" for her babies. She will also use the scouring pads as "pillows." She is such a funny little girl. I asked her if she wanted to take these babies into bed with her one night. She said no, that they were sleeping and I had to leave them there.


Cass said...

Don't you love dish lcoth blankets? Dishcloth capes are fun too.