Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Megan!

My baby girl is ONE!! We celebrated Megan's first birthday on Friday, April 10. It is hard to believe that a whole year has come and gone. It went way too fast and now I have a toddler instead of a baby. I think that Megan had a great birthday. We took the kids to Cody for the weekend and had a big party on Saturday. We dyed Easter eggs and had a Easter egg hunt. I think that the kids had a great time. I will post some pictures from the Easter egg hunt later. So enjoy the pictures of my little birthday girl.

We had chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Megan really enjoyed hers.Yummy! The first bite.
Birthday gifts.
Trying to get the hang of the paper.
Big sister Lindsey to the rescue! I think Lindsey opened all of Megan's presents for her. Hey, what are big sisters for, right?
Megan's favorite gift was this baby doll from Grandma JoAnn and Grandpa Joe.
She threw a fit when we took it away from her to get it out of the package.
A camo outfit from Aunt Julie and Uncle Gabe. She looks like a little boy, but Jason sure likes it.


Cass said...

Happy birthday Megan!

She sure is growing up fast!

Liz said...

Big siblings are great at helping with the presents! That happens at our house too. Big brother Chase also opens presents for mommy and daddy because (according to Chase) we're to big to do it ourselves!!

I love the camo outfit and the picture of the sad face when the doll was taken away. What great memories!

Happy Birthday Megan!!