Saturday, November 8, 2008

Will she ever learn?

Jason has been working hard this week and a lot of it has been out of town work, which means that I am at home with the girls by myself for long periods of time. This can be very tiring as anyone with two little ones knows! So to give me a break on Thursday night, Jason took Lindsey to Gillette to drop off some chemical for work. On the way there, Lindsey saw Jason eating some sunflower seeds and started demanding one. Now if you know our little Lindsey demanding means screaming and crying and while you are driving sometimes it is just easier to give her what she wants than to listen to her scream. About 30 seconds after giving her one sunflower seed, Jason hears, "Daddy, get it out!" Uh, oh, could this really have happened again? I thought she learned her lesson the last time with the dog food! Nope, she didn't learn her lesson and this sunflower seed won't dissolve like the dog food did. Jason took her into the Urgent Care Clinic in Gillette where he, the doctor, and a nurse, attempted to hold this seemly small two-year-old down. The three of them were unsuccessful with getting the sunflower seed out of her nose because they couldn't hold her still. When Jason got home with her that night, the two of us attempted to get the seed out, but we were unsuccessful as well. The only option left for us was to take her to the doctor in the morning where we were told that she might have to be sedated. Jason was pretty worried about her the whole night, so he slept in the guest bed in Lindsey's room. Around 4 a.m. he finally brought her into our bed. A couple of minutes after she layed down with us, I heard her sneeze. We got up on Friday morning and thought that we would try one more time to get the seed out. Jason put on his headlamp and I held her head, but when we looked up her nose there was nothing there! Hooray! She had sneezed it out, and we found the little "booger" in our bed! At least it was a trip to the doctor that we avoided. Please tell me that she will eventually stop putting things up her nose! What is left for her to stick up there?


Liz said...

"This too shall pass." That's what my mom tells me every time I call up and tell her what my children are doing. She also says that someday we'll look back and laugh. I hope so, because right now it's just down right stressful!!

Cass said...

What else.....DON'T ASK. I haven't had this problem, but if it's like most behaviors concerning kids, I've found it best not to ask this question.