Thursday, November 13, 2008

Her father's daughter

My little Lindsey has become quite the hunter lately. I think that she has been hunting more in her short two years than I have in my 27. She went deer hunting with Jason this weekend, and came home talking about it. She crawled under a fence, laid on the ground, covered her ears, and saw a deer fall down. It seems that she has hunting on the brain lately. I know someone else that always has hunting on the brain, and I think she takes after him!

One night after she was talking about hunting with Daddy, Jason decided to show her a deer hunting movie. So now Lindsey's new favorite thing to do is watch deer or elk hunting movies. Hmmm? I wonder where she gets that from too. When she picks a movie to watch, she immediately goes for the deer hunting ones. I tell her that Mommy does not watch hunting movies, only Daddy watches those, so she has to wait for Daddy to get home.

Bribery works really well with our Lindsey, so last night when I was having a tough time getting her ready for bed, I bribed her with a deer hunting movie! She was very cooperative after that and sat right down to watch her hunting movie. She really is her father's daughter!


Julie said...

I am sorry, Gina, this is funny. At least she is excited about it and wants to go again.

Tracey said...

While most 2 year-old little girls are playing with their dolly's and making pretend cakes in the kitchen with mommy, your little Lindsey is out hunting with daddy and learning how to hunt down elk and deer.
Maybe Meggan will be a girly-girl, eh? :)