Saturday, October 4, 2008

A rarity in running

This morning Jason volunteered to watch the girls while I went for a run. As I was getting ready, Lindsey asked if she could go too. I can't deny that child anything, so of course I took her with me. It isn't often that I can take just the single stroller anymore, so I felt like I was flying through my four mile run. I also took the dogs. They actually get to come every time, and it is probably a good thing. When they see me put my hat on, they know that they are going somewhere. Luke has this high pitched, excited yip that he does. When they see the leashes, they run around the house like crazy and get so wound up it is hard to control them. Jason helped get Lindsey into the stroller. He wrapped her up nice and tight and took a couple of pictures.


Liz said...

She looks so warm and cozy!! Every now and then I think about running and probably should, but my jogging stroller has a flat tire and only room for one kid!!