Friday, October 10, 2008

6 months old!

My little Megan is six months old today! Where did that time go? I feel like I just barely had her two weeks ago and now she is six months! I am continuely surprised by all the things that she is able to do. The big one is her mobility. She can roll across the floor to get to where she wants to go. She has been trying so hard the last couple of days to crawl. She has this technique where she will roll to her side and kick her legs up to inch herself forward. Today she started bringing her knees up to her chest with her little bum in the air. It won't be too much longer now! She has also starting "talking" to us. She can say da-da, na-na, and ya-ya. She will let us know when she wants something because she has a piercing shriek. Most of all, she is a happy little girl. She is always ready with a huge smile for Mommy or Daddy (actually anyone that talks to her gets a big smile), and especially one for big sister Lindsey. Megan loves her big sister and will giggle at her when she dances. Although the pictures don't show her smiling, that is all she does! I am so in love with my baby girl and I am so happy that she has joined our family!