Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Lindsey lost her very first tooth on February 15th. It had been loose for quite a while and she had been working on it every day. That day we had given her some dental floss and tied it around the loose tooth. It just wouldn't come! Jason and I were so excited for her to lose a tooth. (This was a big milestone for us too!) Every time I tried to just pull it, she would scream and tell me to stop. Finally I took her into the bathroom and told her I was just going to look at. I was distracting her by asking her questions when I grabbed the tooth with a tissue and just yanked it out! She didn't even cry and was so excited! The Tooth Fairy gave her three whole dollars! Talk about cleaning up on your first tooth.

Toothless grin

Megan had to get in on the picture-taking too.

And so did Colter.


Sillest faces!

One more of my pretty, toothless girl.