Sunday, October 30, 2011

Megan's 1st day of preschool

A week after Lindsey started school, Megan started preschool. This is a class for 3-4 year olds and she goes for two hours, two days a week. Megan loves school! The first thing she does when she gets in the door is run around the classroom giving all her teachers a hug (she has about 4 teachers). Then she will come and give me a hug before she heads off to the painting area. She loves to paint. Every day when I pick her up the teachers have a stack of paintings to give to me. Unfortunately, I am starting to run out of wall space. I am amazed at the things that she can do at 3 years old. She loves to color, just like Lindsey, and she takes her time and colors inside the lines. She is very precise about this. She is also beginning to draw stick-figure pictures.

Lindsey just had to be in the picture with Megan.

My big pre-schooler!