Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpkin festival

On October 23rd, we took the girls to a pumpkin carving festival downtown. They had a bunch of pumpkins for carving and decorating. We decided not to take pumpkins as we had already been to the pumpkin patch. We did play a few of the games and stood in line for about an hour to have the girls' faces painted. They each got to pick which design they wanted. The last time I took Lindsey to get her face painted, she would not sit still. This time it was much different. She jumped right up into the chair and sat very still to have her face painted. Megan was a little unsure at first, but sat still long enough to get the job done. They were so sad later that night when we had to wash their faces, but we convinced them that they will always have the pictures to remind them how cute they looked.

Lindsey picked the "Heart Swirls" design.
View #2 of "Heart Swirls".
Megan picked the "Piggy" design. Not MY first choice, but it's the one she wanted.
Lindsey and Megan together.


Hifam said...

That piggy paint cracks me up. They are both so cute!

Cass said...

Very cute! I love the face painters who can do such amazing jobs!