Monday, October 11, 2010


I have been meaning to post these pictures for quite some time now, but just haven't gotten around to it until today. We signed Lindsey up to play soccer this fall. We thought it would be a fun way for her to learn to play on a team with other kids. Some days she enjoys it, but most days it is a test of wills to get her there and playing with the kids. For our first soccer game, she didn't want to play and just stood in the middle of the field for awhile. Finally, she warmed up to the idea, and was running around chasing the ball with the other kids. She even kicked the ball a few times. We only have one game left, but I hope that she has enjoyed playing despite the fights we had to get her there on time. I'm not sure if she is going to want to play next year. Megan has showed more interest in playing, so we may sign her up next year. These pictures are from Lindsey's first game.
Team huddle. Lindsey is #6.
Getting warmed up to the idea of playing soccer.
She may actually be having fun!
Kicking the ball.
Megan wanted to wear the jersey too.
Throwing the ball in. Lindsey is holding the ball in the air.
Running after the ball.
Get the ball, Linds!
That wasn't so bad after all!


Hifam said...

She's so cute! Anna hated soccer so we only did it once with her. She refused to go anywhere near the ball. Now when she sees Addison get a treat at his game she asks us why she didn't get to play.