Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer camping trip

At the beginning of this month, we went camping with our good friends the Whartons. It was the first time we had been camping all summer and unfortunately, it looks like it will probably be the last time as well. This summer has just flown by and we have been so busy that camping has been put on the backburner for now. I hope that we can get out more next year. This was also Megan's first time camping ever, and she had a ball. We all had a great time, and thanks so much to the Wharton's for inviting us!

Megan enjoying a s'more by the fire.
Mckenna, Lindsey and Eli eating their s'mores.
Me enjoying Jason's bonfire.
Me, 24 weeks pregnant.
The Wharton Family.
We brought our portable dvd player to try to help the kids get to sleep that night. Yeah, it didn't work. We still had crying kids until well past 11 that night.
Eli and Mckenna enjoying to show.
Lindsey playing on the rocks by our campsite.
Eli and Lindsey
Megan having breakfast.
Luke waiting for breakfast.
Bobo. I think the boys enjoyed themselves out camping more than we did!
Eli and Mckenna loved having the dogs there.
Jason and Megan
Jason and the girls
We went fishing the next day. This is the lake that we went to.
Out fishing. We didn't have much luck.
Jason and the girls fishing and enjoying a snack.
Sandra and Mckenna
Mckenna soaking her toes.
Lindsey and Jason soaking their toes.


Sandra Wharton said...

You took such great pictures! We had such a great time with you guys! We will have to do it again next year with your new little addition to your family!