Thursday, June 3, 2010


A little over a month ago, we acquired eight chickens. We thought that it would be nice to have our own fresh eggs and that the girls would have fun with them. And, hey, if Jacob can do it in the city, why can't we? About a week ago, we moved the chickens into their permanent residence of the coop by the side of the house. The girls love to play with them. Especially Lindsey. She has become quite the little chicken catcher lately.

My little chickie baby.
Showing off her prize. Megan likes to look, but not touch.Caught another one.
Lindsey is surprisingly gentle with the chickens.
Megan looking at the coop. She didn't want to catch a chicken for me.
Attempting to catch yet another one.
Not quite all of the chickens.
This is the coop that Jason built. I think that we might end up painting it, but it looks nice as is too.
The inside view.


Edie said...

Hooray! I've been waiting for a chicken post. Looks great. I think I'm more like Megan when it comes to associating with chickens, but they are fun to have around.

Julie said...

Just a hint when using those eggs. Plan ahead when you want to do something with hard boiled. We have found that the older the eggs are the better they peel when you hard boil them. So if you are really desperate and don't have enough---you may have to buy some. We love having access to the freshest eggs!