Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are my kids the only ones...?

That are obsessed with ice cubes? I swear I have melting ice cubes all over my house lately! It is the middle of winter! Why are they playing with ICE CUBES?! Their favorite game is to get the small cups of tupperware from the lazy-susan, fill them up with ice cubes, and put the lids on the containers. I have to repeatedly tell them to close the freezer door, and I feel like I am constantly picking up these cups of ice cubes/ice water/water. Maybe it is just the fact that they can now open the freezer door all by themselves. It keeps them occupied though, and it IS just water. Maybe I will let them play with the ice cubes just as long as they close the freezer door!


Julie said...

Just be thankful that it isn't the ice and water through the door. My kids love pushing the lever and making the water come out. We have had several floods by the fridge because of J and K doing this. Hopefully this too shall pass.