Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Lindsey decided that she wanted to be a "scary witch" after she saw part of The Wizard of Oz. She really wanted to paint her face green and she would even say, "I'll get you, my pretty." On Friday night, the city sponsered a Monster March where all the kids dressed in their costumes and trick-or-treated downtown. This was the first year that we have gone. The girls had a great time, but next year, I think we will go early and take the stroller. Megan decided that she didn't want to walk and I ended up carrying her for most of the hour and a half that we were out there. Then on Saturday, we went to the trunk-or-treat with the ward. Megan loved trick-or-treating! She would hold her bag open really wide for everyone to drop candy into. Lindsey had a great time too, but was a little more shy.

Lindsey with her witch costume. I painted her face for this picture.
Megan refused to wear a costume for the Monster March, but she did want a little paint on her face.
Halloween Night. Jason painted her face this time. Notice a difference?
I was able to get a costume on Megan on Saturday night, but she wasn't too happy about it.
Our lanterns.
Lindsey helped me make the green lantern.
The only picture of both girls in costume together.


Liz said...

Oh, she does make the cutest little witch I've ever seen!!

Cass said...

What cute costumes! I love how you painted her face. It looks great!