Thursday, September 24, 2009

Megan the Daredevil

I have really been neglecting the blog lately, so I decided that I needed to post this video of Megan at the park. Megan is my little daredevil. She goes down the big slides without stopping to sit down first. She also doesn't wait for me to catch her at the bottom. She will climb up the really steep steps on the equipment. At the pool, she will jump into the water before I am ready to catch her. But the thing that almost gave me a heartattack was when I saw her running across the bridge yesterday. So I did what every responsible parent would do: I took a video of her! Sorry for the poor quality. All I had was the video on my phone.


Cass said...

Cute. Joseph is the same way. I love watching other parents panic as I stand back while he climbs up a big slide.