Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our newest addition

Meet Bob The Elk. He is our newest addition, and Jason's newest love. We got him a couple of weeks ago. He started life in our house out in the garage. I was happy with that because I only had to see him when I went out to the garage (so not all that often). Somehow he ended up in my front room yesterday. I am not sure how I feel about that, but Jason just loves him.


Sandra Wharton said...

ha ha lol. Thats awesome. I didn't know Jason was into poaching elk ;) Gina I think that elk and moose mounts are the reason they created vaulted ceilings. Pretty soon there will be a target mounted to the wall next to it with arrows sticking out of it where the vitals will be and Jason running the bugle and the girls with "hoochie mama" cow calls in their hands. I think it looks great and I'm jealous.

Jason and Gina said...

Keith I agree. If God didn't want elk hanging on our walls he wouldn't have made their antlers look so dang cool.

Julie said...

Join the club Gina. I felt the same way hanging Gabe's deer, but I let him do it. Thankfully there is nothing to join it right now, but I think there will be in the near future, or at least that is the plan according to the "boss".

Tracey said...

Jason and Keith crack me up. I hate to admit it, but I actually think it looks awesome! ...I'm not even a hunter...
That thing is HUGE!

Although, I'm not sure I'd want one in MY living room, it does look good in yours, Gina!