Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Yes, my dear, sweet husband turned 32 on Monday! He said that he really didn't want anything for his birthday, but the girls and I didn't listen to him. We had a great day going to the store and picking out a present for him. We also bought some balloons and streamers to decorate the house for him. We spent the other half of the day making him a huge birthday dinner. Salmon, rice, rolls, asparagus, and cupcakes. What more could a guy ask for on his birthday? Oh that's right...a baby doll. Jason said to let Lindsey pick out anything she wanted for a present for him. As soon as she laid eyes on the baby doll, she was pretty insistent that we buy that one for Daddy. She was very determined that she was going to open that baby doll for Daddy before he even had a chance to unwrap it. She spent the whole ride home from the store using her teeth to take the top off of the box. As soon as Jason got home, she said, "Daddy, can I share your baby with you?" So much for a surprise, but I'm sure he had some idea of what she would pick out. So now it is Daddy's baby, but Lindsey gets to play with it, and sleep with it, and take it to the park, you get the idea. Well, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I sure do love you!


Hifam said...

Awesome!!! I'm so glad I got to see the baby doll. Can you add Jenna and Sarah to your email list so that when you post, they get a copy?

(I'm sure you know how, but it's in blogger customize, under settings and then email. Thanks!)


Liz said...

That's too cute! Lindsey had the right idea, get family members gifts that you can use too. Last year I bought my husband a massage cover for a chair and I use it more than he does!!

Happy Birthday Jason!!

Sandra Wharton said...

You old GEEZER! Happy Birthday Jason from Keith and Sandra!