Friday, September 19, 2008

Lindsey's First Haircut

So I finally broke down and cut Lindsey's hair yesterday. Well, I didn't cut it, but I took her in to one of our friends, Melanie, and had her trim it up a bit. Lindsey refuses to wear barrettes or rubberbands in her hair, and it was constantly falling in her eyes, so I said that enough was enough. I am so proud of her because she didn't cry or anything. Melanie told Lindsey that if she sat still she could have a sucker, so that was her motivation to be good because I don't normally let her have suckers. When Melanie was done with Lindsey it was my turn. I think she took off about 4-5 inches, but I love it! It feels so light and Megan can't pull it anymore! I wish that I would have done this earlier.

The before picture.

The after picture! I asked her to smile and this is the face that I got!
Our new haircuts!


Cass said...

Beautiful! Both of you!